Siggraph 2010 (Front lobby photograph2010)
Hideaki Nii

1. Overview
Siggraph 2010 is the 37th International Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques. The conference was held in Los Angeles from 25th JUL to 29th. Over 20,000 people came to this conference in this year from 79 countries. There are many categories in the conference, paper, talk, poster, exhibition, Emerging technology(E-tech) and many other sessions. The e-tech is most interesting session in the Siggraph for human interface researcher. Because researcher can experience author’s work besides talking with authors.
2. E-tech
In this year, session became small area and well-chosen selection. Almost half of presentation was carried from Japan. It was interesting for me to watch the moving some shape with of silent method. One is “A Fluid-Suspension, Electromagnetically Driven Eye With Video Capability for Animatronic Applications” by Disney research.
This method is driving floating eye in the water by the magnetic coupling. This is silent but large movement with stable. The effective 3D system is “360-Degree Autostereoscopic Display”by SONY. This system is moving slit light with mounting OLED 2D display inside of the slit.
And other system is “RePro3D: Full-Parallax 3D Display Using Retro-Reflective Projection Technology” from Tachi laboratory in Keio University.
3. Impression
It becomes compact size conference than previous year, the company booth in the exhibition become small.
Adaptive image reduction method(keep contents meaning) is proposed in last year.
For example, the picture with “mount-space-human” becomes “mount-human”. This method keeps important information and crop the space. It is useful for making icon image from full size image. We find same method in the video editing in this year. For the time line display, it keep the main target every frame and drop the back ground information.

4. My presentation
I have a poster presentation “Moving Slit Light Field Display”.
It is good for me to talk with many people about my research.

I forgot to take a picture of my booth, I took other booth. This is Anusha from Keio University (came from NUS).

5. Issue a questionnaire about HMD
Marker: SENSICS, Product number: zSight
Q: Does this HMD work at the output of HEAD2GO?
A: Yes. It works fine at HEAD2GO. I confirm to watch the real image at conference place with SENSICS’s setup. bras tha

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